The vision for Christ Triumphant Outreach Ministries is to build a multi-national church where the manifested presence of the spirit and the love of God are abundantly expressed in an excellent way.

Our purpose is to Love God by lifting Christ and making faithful disciples, preparing them for Christ’s Triumphant return.

We exist to glorify God by reaching lost souls, equipping the church to the fullness of Christ in loving relationships, growing them into mature disciples through the power of the Holy Spirit, and serving as God’s kingdom expansion force in the world.

Pray with us about the following needs...

Pastors and Missionaries: Volunteers to serve in the ministry: Liberia, other parts of Africa and the world

Financial: The Lord is raising up young ministers unto us that need assistance. We are in need of...

1. Monthly Ministry Supporters For Christ Triumphant outreach church: Liberia - any monthly amount or one time gift. Thank you for your support. Every fund will be directed to the needs of the ministries in Africa.

2. "Mission" Support - 100% of every dollar designated will be directed to the mission efforts that it is designated for: Church planting and mission support

3. "Personal" Support – Pastor Joseph whendyue, his wife Marron and their four children presently receive minimum monthly, support. If you believe in the ministry of CTOM through our extensions work, please consider supporting them monthly.

(NOTE: Christ Triumphant outreach church is not a part of any denomination, and we do not receive any mission funds from such denominations. This ministry operates by the "Love Offerings" received and the generosity of individual like you.)

4. Educational Support-some of our pastors need former education. We need scholarships to equip God’s people for the mission. $1200.00 can sponsor a person for a year. $15.00 per credit

Land/Acreage: Enough land for a: training facility, a lodge with kitchen, a house or houses for missionaries/Guest house. School campus, church and a clinic.

EquipmentJ(New or used)

1. Sound and Musical equipments-a set of jazz drum. Two speakers, six microphones, one amplifier, one key board, one bass guitar, one Radom guitar, two monitor’s speakers. One portable generator, 10 cords, one adaptor. The estimated cost for these is five thousand dollars $ 5000.00

2. New or used Desk Top Computer - needed for office work, something up to date (good harddrive) and internet compatible for our Liberia office. And other accessories (printers)

3. Camera/camcorder - something of good quality. It will be used on Mission trips and reporting purposes.

Other Equipments:

1. Two up-to-date power saw for outstation churches self-empowerment business project

2. Portable Sound System for our rural Ministries.


1. Motor vehicle /truck- to be used by the pastor and for our church activities it should be in a good condition, and road worthy for Liberia.

2. Someone has volunteered to give a dozen of bicycles for our pastors and church workers in Liberia. We need your financial contribution to ship them.

Thanks for agreeing in praying for these needs. If someone would like to donate any of the above equipment or finances, please contact our office in Minnesota at (763) 443-9521.or Pastor Joseph whendyue in Liberia at 011-231-861-5475

Value statement:

Scriptural Authority:
We will embrace scripture as the source of inspired authority for faith, life and ministry. In order to accomplish this, we will:

  • Encourage and inspire relevant teachings of the word

  • study to obey and live the word

  • Provide a learning environment in the local churches

  • Develop ministries that flow from a biblical base

  • Facilitate biblically trained leadership

  • Submitting to the authority of scripture and God’s leaders over us

Spiritual Passion:
We will passionately love God and recognize the Lordship of Christ, be sensitive to and dependent upon the leading of the Holy Spirit. In order to accomplish this, we will:

  • Pray/fast with faith and intensity

  • Worship with sincerity and expectancy

  • Preach Biblically and relevantly

  • Expressing the reality of his presence

  • Reverence the trinity

Great Commission: we will reach the lost and disciple the saints in any context. In order to accomplish this, we will:

  • Plant churches

  • Send missionaries

  • Do evangelism to reach the total man

  • Establish growing, healthy churches at home and abroad

  • Train and Equip people

Kingdom Perspective: We will focus on building God’s kingdom as we fulfill our mission and calling. In order to accomplish this, we will:

  • Develop strategic partnerships

  • Network with like-minded ministries

  • Place God’s agenda over personal/ circular interest (s)

  • Focus on building his kingdom and let him build the church

  • Expand and promote God’s vision for Humankind in the world

Priestly Duties: We will focus on the dress code for God’s service, as the way to reflect the character of God is to live a life separated unto God (Holiness). In order to accomplish this, we will:

  • Live a Holy life unto God

  • Build relationship for fellowship

  • Be available to serve continuously

  • Develop the character that honor Christ

  • Give ourselves, our substance and abilities

Ethics of Ministry: We will focus on building character and conference for excellence in ministry. In order to accomplish this, we will:

  • Encourage spiritual growth and maturity

  • Practice Mentoring and accountability for leadership

  • Distinguish between gifts and fruits for lasting service

  • Handle conflicts in Christian context and reconcile without delay

  • Show commitment and faithfulness in little things

  • Cultivate the spirit of love, unity , agreement and submission to one another

Kingdom Strategy: Our strategy is simple and clear: by connecting to:

  • God in worship

  • God’s word in discipleship

  • God’s church in service

  • God’s Children

  • God’s community in outreach

  • God’s (other Nations) nations in