In 1997 while doing ministry in Liberia, I had two encounters with God that spoke to my spirit regarding ministry in the States; the first encounter was that God spoke to me that he was going to give me an eagle flight. Not knowing what it mean i began to seek the Lord in prayer. While praying fervently according to the word i had a second encounter with the Lord. this time He directed me to Micah 4: 8- 12, which says " you must leave the city and go dwell in the field..."

After my family and I move to Minnesota, we began to pray specifically about what the Lord will have us do. As we sought the Lord we felt that we should start a Philadelphia branch in Minnesota since we were already members of that ministry from Liberia.

After we started the ministry, the Lord continued, the Lord continued to impress upon our hearts to establish His ministry for our lives. As we began to pray intensely, the Lord gave us the vision for for CTOM that he is the God of the nations.

During the time of transition, the Lord began to show me people from diverse ethnic groups coming unto the Lord. It was out of this and many other encounters that Christ Triumphant Outreach Ministries was birthed. Thus, CTOM is a multi-racial, non-denomination Church that focuses on worshipping Jesus through the presence of the Holy Spirit and expressing our love for God in a glorious way by living the life, giving and serving.

In September 2004, we began Bible studies and prayer meeting. Initially, we were eight persons in the weekly meeting at various homes including the home of Brother and Sis Yeakuazuah Moneh. as we grew in number we decided to extend our fellowship to Sunday morning worship service with the intension to keep those we were reaching. after we grew to twenty persons, we did have our first Sunday morning worship service on February 6, 2005 at the excel Academy where we still worship today. at that time Pastor and Mrs Charles McIntosh made themselves available to the ministry, along with several other faithful people. Blessedly, our first service was attended by fifty- seven persons including our children.

Even though we started the Sunday morning worship service the church was still considered as a small fellowship so that it cloud develop a body and a structure as a vibrant church. by the grace of God, the church grew to about fifty members and developed all of the potential structures that make up a church. Having grow to the level of a church, it was officially launched in July 2006 with the following ministries function: 1. Men ministry 2. Music ministry 3.Prayer Ministry 4 community outreach ministry.

Indeed, the month of July 2006 marked the official and grand opening of CTOM; a disciple-making church birthed to lift Christ in these hours and prepare God's people for the mighty outpouring of His anointing that the world is yet to experience . At the time of our opening the Lord blessed us with two anointed ministers operating as prophets and apostle. They were Prophet David Abbey and Apostle David Brumo. The grand opening was characterized by three nights of revival and climaxed with grand opening service on Sunday. We had five hundred and seventy-six persons in average attendance for the four days.

In 2006, we were blesses to have great anointed meeting including prophetic prayer conference and operation PHUSH breakthrough conference. we want to bless the Lord for our special partner in ministry-Pastor Patricia and Victor McGodman of Christ International Ministries Maryland , who have been very instrumental in bringing revivals and ministerial support to us and our community. In these meetings the following were accomplished: People received salvation , Many were healed and delivered from generational curses and many were baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

After the launching the Lord added growth to the ministry and brought in valuable and faithful people to strengthen our hands-the Mbayo family & the Russell family; both families have been vary instrumental in moving the vision forward. By the grace of God, many people have been saved and are serving in various areas of ministries. Moreover, we were able to baptize eight persons and licensed two ministers.

Even though we have made some progress, but there are still challenges that confront us as a church . First is our ability to reach out across racial barrier. second is the church worship facility where we can have children ministry and other weekly activities. in the midst of all these challenges, the Lord has been very faithful in providing needed finances to do the work of ministry. As a testimony we were able to purchase a set of sound and musical instruments. since the lunching of our service in 2006, the Lord has increased our attendance to about 75-100 persons per Sunday.

In this vein, we are grateful to God for all that he has accomplished through us in this short period of time. Indeed,we are about to witness and experience the NATAF anointing on this planet earth. We are humble to say that we are not building our own Kingdom, but rather building on the foundation of Jesus Church and those that have gone before us. Amen!