Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry is headed by Sis. Mary Mwah. The objective are:* To improve and advance the mission of the Church.

• To provide information and advice to the church on issues related to and of particular concern to women of CTOM.

• To organize, plan and implement women’s ministries and retreats.

• To promote, guide and encourage Christ-like living among women by promoting actively in worship services and the study of the Bible.

• To prepare monthly report of events carried out within women’s ministries.

• To inspired and recruit other women to be a part of CTOM women’s ministries

Usher Ministry

The Usher Ministry is headed by Sis. Kumba Karmo. The objectives are: To insure that the needs and comfort of all God’s people are met at CTOM

• To meet and seat the parishioners with loving smiles as they enter the sanctuary

• To meet people on a person-by-person basis when they first arrive at CTOM

• To serve as watchmen, servants, disciplinarians and host of CTOM

• To provide an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance to the members and guest of CTOM

• To serve as host to people coming into the worship service, hand out bulletins assist in finding seats and collect the offerings

• To prepare monthly report of the usher ministry

• To organize, clean and properly arrange

Children's Ministry

The Children's Ministry is headed by Sis. Antoinette Mwah. The objectives are: * To insure that CTOM vision and values are lived out and taught to our children

• To keep general oversight of CTOM children’s ministry, which includes newborns through twelve years of age

• To facilitate a balanced children ‘s ministry that includes spiritual formation, worship, community impact, outreach, mission and service

• To train and recruit teachers and other needed volunteers for the children’s ministry

• To implement CTOM child protection policy, which are in line with the Minnesota State laws

• To follow up of the new families and children and identifying the assimilation steps that need to be in place

• To prepare monthly report of the children ministry

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry is headed by Bro. Roosevelt Teagy. The goals are:

• To foster the total person and spiritual growth of each young person

• To seek and draw young people to a responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the faith community

• To empower young people to become disciples of Jesus Christ who witness to their faith by living and working with other youths

• To promote quality programs, healthy relationships and functions for youth. This inclusive ministry provides faith formation, school activities, retreats and services project as well as leadership training and mentoring

• To introduce other young people to Jesus Christ

• To participate in the vision of CTOM in youth related ministries

• To demonstrate skills necessary to conduct youth programs including small group functions, leading music and counseling adolescent To give on the poor the youth ministry


• To enhance and lead the congregation in songs, and utilize their God given talents to praise God with sounds of instrument and voice

• To unite in a corporate and communal worship of God

• To share the gospel of Jesus Christ through songs, and encourage believers in their walk with Christ

• To lead the congregation in worship and provide an avenue through which individuals may share their gifts and be integral part of worship

• To usher the congregation into the presence of God through praise, worship, and thanksgiving

• To exalt the name of Jesus and glorify God through dramatic plays, dances, and musicals

• To develop a dynamic diverse music ministry program representing various style from classic to ctporary repertoire

• To recruit members that are talented in singing, based on the guidelines of the music department and biblical principles

• To give monthly report of the music ministry

Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry is headed by Bro. Emmanuel Tamba. Its objectives are to set up discipleship programs to include men’s Bible study group, prayer groups and various spiritual initiatives;

• To develop and implement workshops to assist men in becoming spiritually, and financial empowered

• To increase men in joining and working in other ministries of the church

• To build a strong bridge between the youth and the men through mentorship

• To unite and equip men to pursue life with God to give monthly of the men’s ministry

• To serve as an example for leadership development

Prayer Ministry

Sis. Sonnie Supoe is the head of the Prayer Ministry. The goals of the Ministry are: * To give interceding prayer support for the pastors, the church families, and the various ministries of CTOM

• To prepare periodic prayer meetings and annual prayer breakfast

• To intercede throughout the worship service

• To develop a prayer network that will help connect members of CTOM with each other

• To recruit and train other members to become prayer warriors

• To give monthly report of the prayer ministry

• To spearhead various fast and prayer meetings throughout the entire year

Evangelism Ministry

The Evangelism Ministry is headed by Bro. Mike Fuah. The goals are:

• To promote the mandate of Jesus Christ by making disciples of all nations

• To vigorously engage in track distribution in the community

• Visit the sick in their homes and at hospital, and to offer support to grieving families

• To visit delinquent and unfaithful members

• To encourage every member of CTOM to invite unbelievers, relatives, neighbors, fellow workers, students and acquaintance to our worship services

• To engage in house-to-house visitation

• To formulate a strategy of how to start a transportation ministry

• To sell audios and videos to the community, at an affordable price

• To give monthly reports of the evangelism ministry

Media Ministry

To provide technical support for every activity at CTOM

• To provide news release, feature stories, newsletters and other news worthy information for radio, television and print media

• To inform the public of every event of the church

• To give monthly reports of the Media Ministry